Rocky takes on Clubber Lang: The greatest sports story of all time.

This is Slim. Don’t mess with Slim.

LinSanity: New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin embodies the American spirit,
overcoming tremendous odds in accomplishing his dream to be a force in the NBA.

Sketch of myself running at the University of Tulsa.

‘Sup giiiiiiirrrrrrrrllllll?!?!?! Ballpoint pen sketch.

Here is a sketch of this guy.

Scribble sketch of Eric Clapton.

Father and son in Iraq.

A young Bob Dylan. Bob, if your reading this, can we get coffee some time?

Ballpoint Pen sketch of Mick Jagger.

This guy was outside of the Muskogee V.A., sitting in his car, smoking a cigar.

Here’s a couple of guys i drew while i was in El Paso.

Random sketches.

I don’t know when I drew this, but it’s funny.

From one of Alexander Mcqueen’s fashion books.

Rejected concept for the Oklahoma Magazine cover.

A mix of A Streetcar Named Desire and some 1930’s depression era sketches.