Obviously it’s me. It wouldn’t make sense to put a caricature of anyone else on my self-promotional website.

I always thought it would be fun if my job was to listen to music and draw pictures all day. Well, here I am - a freelance illustrator living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I took the long way getting to the back room of my house, serving five years in the United States Army, getting my BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Tulsa, getting married to a girl who is way out of my league, then working in several capacities in non-profit organizations and ad agencies as a graphic designer. I also stopped for coffee in the kitchen.

My approach towards illustration is to always start with a concept. No matter the skill-level or ability, an illustration is dead-on-arrival if the concept isn’t strong.

Residual from my military experiences, I strive to be on-time and on-target. Whether the client is an individual, an art director, or a publication, my goal is to make my client look good. In order to accomplish this goal, I am accountable, approachable, efficient, committed, and able to deliver the goods.

I believe in the American Dream...That if I am willing to put others before myself, consistently work hard, sacrifice, and commit myself to excellence, there is no limit to what one can accomplish in this country.

I hope you enjoy my website. Take a look around. I’m glad you’re here.

To start things off, here is a picture of a tornado.